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Red Flags to Watch For in New Construction


Building a new home is extremely exciting. You have the opportunity to make customizations you have always dreamed of, and you can create a space you have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, the construction process does not always go smoothly. There are many different types of defects that can occur during the construction process. Worse, if you have never built a new home before, you may not know what to watch for during the construction process. Below, our Charleston construction defects lawyer explains common types of defects and the red flags to watch for.

Common Types of Construction Defects 

Construction defects refer to any deficiency in the building of a new home. These deficiencies can be found in the products and materials used, or the way in which something is designed, operated, installed, or maintained. Some of the most common types of construction defects in new builds are as follows:

  • Failure to adhere to codes and standards: This can include violations of applicable architectural drawings, applicable building codes, or permitting and zoning requirements. Improper ventilation and electrical wiring are just two examples of this.
  • Breaches of implied warranty: There are certain warranties that are implied and that offer protections such as proper drainage away from the home, suitable habitability, and construction that meets industry standards. These types of construction defects relate to the occupation of a home.
  • Defects that require significant repair: Major structural issues such as water intrusion leading to mold growth, cracking foundations, or advanced deterioration of roofs.
  • Poses health and safety hazards: Defects that introduce the risk of fires, fall hazards, infestations, the potential of electric shock, or exposure to toxic mold are all significant construction defects.

Red Flags to Watch For

 New homeowners are often not aware of how to determine if construction defects are present in the structure. Some of the biggest red flags to watch for are as follows:

  • Visible defects: Visible defects include significantly uneven floors, large cracks in the walls or foundation, and large gaps between walls, windows, or doors.
  • Water drainage problems: This includes improper drainage that causes pooling around the foundation and downspouts for gutters that drain close to the foundation.
  • Signs of cutting corners: Gaps in insulation, poor caulking, loose fixtures, and sloppy or uneven paint are all signs that the builder rushed the job or took shortcuts.
  • Inferior exterior finish work: Problems such as cracked stucco, large gaps between exterior materials, poorly sealed windows, and loose siding are all signs of poor workmanship.
  • Improper ventilation: Bathroom and kitchen fans that ventilate into attics rather than outside, improper roof ventilation, or even a ventilation system missing from a home are all signs of improper ventilation.

Our Construction Defects Lawyer in Charleston Can Help

 If your builder has acted negligently and there are now construction defects in your home, you do have legal options. At Fuller Law Firm, our Charleston construction defects lawyer can advise you of what those are and help you make things right. Call us now at 843-277-0013 or chat with us online to schedule a consultation and to get more information.



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